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Finns use up their annual share of planet's resources

If the world's other inhabitants all consumed natural resources like Finns, it would require 3.8 earths, according to WWF Finland.

Liikennettä Oulun Limingantullissa.
File photo of vehicle traffic. Image: Esko Jämsä / AOP
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On Friday, 5 April Finnish residents used up their share of Earth’s natural resources, according to WWF Finland.

Over the past few years, Earth Overshoot Day has fallen in August. This means Finns overdraw on nature's budget four months earlier than the global average.

"Our current overconsumption is totally unsustainable from the standpoint of nature. Finns draw on borrowed environmental resources for the rest of the year,” said Liisa Rohweder, CEO of WWF Finland.

Earth Overshoot Day signifies when people have consumed more from nature than the planet can renew.

Energy and food production as well as transport are the main factors underlying Finland’s environmental overshoot, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

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