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Early spring temperature record broken in Finland

Weather instruments showed a temperature of 20.2 degrees Celsius in Northern Ostrobothnia on Tuesday.

 Mies vauhdissa sähköpotkulaudalla lämmittävässä kevätauringossa Helsingin Merisatamassa
Person riding electric scooter in Helsinki on Tuesday. Image: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva
Yle News

Temperatures across some parts of Finland reached their highest of the year and skies were virtually cloudless and sunny on Tuesday afternoon.

Finland's highest temperature was measured at around 2pm in Ylivieska, Northern Ostrobothnia, but Yle meteorologist Toni Hellinen said higher temperatures may still be in store before the end of the day.

It was warmer in some parts of Finland than it was in Spain on Tuesday.

The temperature in downtown Helsinki measured 16.9 degrees Celsius, while it was an even milder 18.5 degrees in Tampere at 4:30pm on Tuesday. On the west coast city of Vaasa, the thermometer showed 15.3 degrees while it was a chillier 10.2 degrees in the eastern city of Joensuu.

Up north in Finnish Lapland, the temperature in Rovaniemi measured 15.8 degrees at 4:30pm, while in south-western Finland's Turku it was 18.1 degrees.

Forecasters said Wednesday's weather will be quite similar to Tuesday's. But according to the Finnish Metrological Institute Wednesday will likely be a bit cloudier.

However, the unusually mild and dry spring weather may not last for long. Yle meteorologist Joonas Koskela said there is chance of rain showers over the weekend, saying it will likely get cloudier on Thursday, as well.

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