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Mechanical glitch reportedly forces high-speed landing at Helsinki Airport

For safety's sake the plane landed on a longer runway, following a reported problem with the aircraft's wing flaps.

Helsinki-Vantaa lentokentän lennonjohdon torni
File photo of Helsinki Airport control tower. Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle
Yle News

A mechanical fault in a Boeing 737-800 jet forced it to land at an unusually high speed at Helsinki Airport early Tuesday morning, according to news outlets including Helsingin Sanomat.

According to news reports, the plane was forced to land at a higher speed than usual — and on a longer runway — because of a technical malfunction in the wing flap system, which the pilot noticed just before landing.

The jetliner, operated by Danish airline Jet Times, was reaching the end of a trip from Cyprus to Helsinki, and for safety reasons was instructed to land on Helsinki Airport's 3,500-metre runway. The airport's other two runways are roughly 3,000 metres long.

The airport was put into standby mode as the plane landed, and 13 emergency units were onsite. The plane was carrying 187 people at the time of the incident.

Finland's national airports operator Finavia confirmed that no one was harmed in the incident, adding that no one was actually in danger either even though the plane landed at a higher speed than it normally does.

The plane, chartered by travel agency Tui, was full of returning holidaymakers, and arrived in Helsinki on schedule at around 4:00am on Tuesday.

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