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Helsinki calls in extra police ahead of world hockey final

Police in Helsinki have put extra officers on duty in anticipation of crowds gathering to celebrate the hockey final.

Torijuhla 2011
Jubilant crowds in Helsinki's south harbour in 2011. Image: EPA / AOP
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Finland will play against Canada in the final of the World Ice Hockey Championships on Sunday at 9.15pm after a 1-0 win in the semi-final over Russia on Saturday.

A win on Sunday would bring Finland its third hockey gold medal in history.

Crowds celebrating ice hockey victories tend to gather at Helsinki’s Market Square. Wins in 1995 and 2011 drew crowds of around 100,000 to the harbour area.

Police: Wet weather may dampen spirits

Riku Korpela of the Helsinki Police said rainy weather typically dampens revelers’ enthusiasm.

“Past experience has shown that silver medals don’t cause much in the way of celebration, apart from more people flowing into streets as the game finishes,” Korpela explained.

Police in other parts of the country have not called in backup, although some ecstatic Tampere residents took a dip in the city's main fountain following Finland’s last world championship win in 2011, which was also played in Bratislava, and also came after a semi-final victory over Russia.

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