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Finland bans imports, sales of invasive rose species

The beach rose or Rosa rugosa has been designated an invasive species and must be eradicated within three years.

The flower was introduced to Finland in the 1990s. Image: Pasi Takkunen / Yle
Yle News

Gardening enthusiasts may have spotted the brightly-hued petals of Rosa rugosa or beach rose in backyards and even on roadsides across the country, as the plant has proliferated across Finland.

However the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has now added the flower to a list of harmful invasive plant species. As a result, the importation and sale of the plant has been banned, starting 1 June.

In addition to the ban, agricultural authorities are calling for the plant to be eradicated from gardens, parks, beaches, roadsides over the next three years.

The ministry's register of invasive species has advised using machinery to rip up large expanses of vegetation, while individual rose bushes can be removed manually.

The register noted that since the plant was introduced to Finland in the 1990s, it has spread and become very commonplace.

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