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No charge for policeman who broke into ambassador's residence

The off-duty police officer entered the Japanese ambassador's official residence and fought with a member of embassy staff.

Helsingin Oikeustalo
The suspect will not be charged because of a lack of criminal liability. Image: Derrick Frilund / Yle
Yle News

A police officer suspected of attempting to break into the residence of the Japanese ambassador last year will not be prosecuted.

At the end of August, police were called to the gated courtyard of the ambassador's official residence in Kuusisaari, Helsinki, after they received reports of an "erratically behaving" man on the grounds. The man was found to be an off-duty police officer, and he was subsequently investigated for aggravated disturbance of the peace, vandalism and assault.

Full reason not disclosed

However, the prosecution has decided not to proceed with the case because of the suspect's lack of criminal liability.

The full reasoning behind the decision has not been disclosed, in accordance with the protection of an individual's private information under Finland's Health Care Act.

According to the prosecution's decision, the Japanese state has made no demands in the case.

The man was also suspected of attempting to enter the premises of the South African Embassy in Lauttasaari, but a separate decision not to proceed with that case was taken in April this year.

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