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Posti: Sorting personnel wages to remain steady until early 2022

The postal company says it will allow a two-year transition period before cutting wages.

Posti says it will offer sorting staff a chance to earn more as of next spring. Image: Juha Kivioja / Yle
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After a major backlash, the state-owned postal firm Posti has delayed plans to shift some employees to a lower pay scale.

Posti said on Tuesday that it will keep total remuneration for its Parcel and eCommerce sorting personnel at its current level for more than two years, until the end of January 2022.

It also promises a new compensation model beginning next April that it says will make it possible for some employees to receive higher remuneration than now.

“The objective of the change in the collective agreement of parcel sorting personnel is to increase flexibility,” says Turkka Kuusisto, SVP of Posti’s Parcel and eCommerce business group. "It allows us to offer more flexible services to our customers and will help us keep jobs and also create new jobs in the future," he adds.

Media group calls more competition

Late last month Posti announced that some 700 sorting staffers in its Parcel and eCommerce division business group would be to a firm called Posti Palvelut (Posti Services) as of 1 September.

That company's workers are covered by an Industrial Union collective agreement with lower pay terms. The transferred personnel will be moved under the new collective agreement on 1 November this year, but will not see any pay differential for more than two years, Posti pledges.

The Finnish Post and Logistics Union (PAU) dismissed the announcement, saying it was simply a delaying tactic and does not offer any guarantees to individual workers.

Also on Tuesday, the Finnish Media Federation, an employers' group, argued that all mail and magazines should be delivered at the same as newspapers, in the early morning. It also called for more open bidding by distribution companies that now compete with Posti, and a clarification of what it called Posti's "contradictory roles".

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