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Lännen Media: United Brotherhood offered a bounty for prison guard beatings

According to Lännen Media sources, the organised crime syndicate commissioned assaults on Riihimäki prison guards last summer.

United Brotherhood
Poliisi teki syyskuun alussa useita iskuja United Brotherhoodin tiloihin eri puolilla Suomea. Image: Keskusrikospoliisi
Yle News

The crime syndicate known as United Brotherhood (UB) is reportedly responsible for commissioning assaults on Finland’s Criminal Sanctions Agency's (Rise) personnel last year, according to several sources contacted by the media group Lännen Media.

Last summer, six Rise guards at Riihimäki Prison were subjected to violence, both on- and off-duty. Lännen Media reports that five of the assaults were undertaken by UB, and the organisation is also suspected of being responsible for the sixth.

Rise's new CEO Arto Kujala told Lännen Media that the agency has taken the necessary steps to protect its staff and that they would continue to compile statistics on all threats and provide information to the police.

Rise has earlier described the United Brotherhood — a coalition of three previously independent criminal groups — as the most powerful and feared criminal organisation in Finnish prisons, which employs tactics such as violence, threats, blackmail, invented debts and promises of brotherhood membership.

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