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Winter speed limits kick in

Motorists will have to slow down starting Tuesday.

Digitaalisia nopeusrajoitusmerkkejä moottoritien varressa.
New speed limits will come into effect nationwide by the weekend. Image: Matti Myller / Yle
Yle News

Winter speed limits take effect for some four months on Tuesday, according to the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA). The new limits will be applicable nationwide by the weekend.

The maximum highway driving speed falls to 100 km/h, except on road portions where the speed limit changes depending on weather conditions. Such roads may use higher maximum limits than usual until the end of November.

Changing limits are in effect on Roads 1 and 7 heading west and east out of the capital respectively.

Speed limits on major roads will fall to 80 km/h or even 70 km/h. The 100 km/h limit will mainly remain in effect on some roads with little traffic, dual carriageways and other main roads where cars driving in different directions are separated by barriers.

Higher summertime speed limits will take effect once more in March-April, as days lengthen and driving conditions improve.

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