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HSL confirms lower long-distance commuter fares in 2020

Helsinki Regional Transport also wants to raise the penalty for travelling without a ticket from 80 to 100 euros.

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Ticket prices for downtown Helsinki will remain the same next year. Image: Ilmari Herranen / AOP
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Helsinki Regional Transport's (HSL) board of directors said on Tuesday that it had confirmed fares for next year that will see no price increases. Instead, the board agreed to a proposal to reduce fares for long-distance customers.

In particular, discounts will be granted to commuters travelling across three and four zones of the capital's transportation network. A trip from Helsinki city centre in Zone A to the airport in Zone C, for example, will cost 50 cents less next year than it does this year.

The purpose of the change is to make public transport more appealing in areas where service uptake is weak, explained HSL department head Mari Flink.

"The price level for longer journeys is now clearly higher than for two-zone journeys. When we consider the purchasing power in these municipalities, the price level has been a bit too high," Flink said.

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New travel zone map and ticket options for public transport
Zonal map of the Helsinki Regional Transport network. Image: HSL

The price reductions are estimated to slash HSL revenues by 6.9 million euros next year. However, the company's overall turnover will remain several million euros higher than estimated in the preliminary action and financial plan published late last year.

As part of that plan, HSL introduced new fare zones as well as a fare hike in the cheapest one-way ticket to 2.80 euros. Flink said that HSL will not reduce the price of the cheapest one-way ticket.

"I can't promise that those prices will be lowered. We still have a high price difference between the two zones and longer distances," Flink said.

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How the prices compare:

Single tickets

Travel zoneCurrent pricePrice starting from 1.1.2020

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Season tickets

Travel zoneCurrent pricePrice starting from 1.1.2020

Fare's fair as fare-dodging fine set to increase

HSL's board of directors also proposed increasing the fine for traveling without a ticket from the current 80 euros to 100 euros, which would be the first time the penalty has been raised in 10 years.

HSL argued that the increase is justified as it would be more comparable with the sanction in the metropolitan areas of other Nordic cities.

The final decision on this and tother price changes will be made by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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