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Supercell CEO once again tops Finland’s earnings list

Finland publishes 2018 income data on Monday.

Image: Yle
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The highest earning person in Finland in 2018 was Ilkka Paananen, the CEO of games firm Supercell. His combined income and capital income was 110 million euros.

His income is up considerably from the 65 million euros he made in 2017.

Second in the list was Mikko Kodisoja, also of Supercell, who made 98 million euros.

The information was released on ‘tax day’, the annual publication of tax data by Finland’s Tax Administration. In principle everyone’s income is public and available for a fee from the administration.

This year, for the first time, some high-earners were granted exemptions and allowed to keep their name off lists of wealthier Finns. This year 231 names had been removed from the list.

Yle has requested information about certain well-known and influential Finns not mentioned in the lists.

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