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Police detain 150 suspects in nationwide narcotics sting

Hundreds of suspected drug offences were reported during a fortnight of stepped-up surveillance.

Subutex and ecstasy tablets seized by police. Image: Poliisi

Finnish police uncovered a total of 175 suspected narcotics offences and 311 suspected drug use offences during an intensive nationwide surveillance operation in early October.

During the course of the investigation, police said they rounded up 150 suspects, 19 of whom were detained and three remanded into custody. They also discovered seven cases of suspected aggravated narcotics offences.

The number of suspected drug crimes and narcotic use offences increased compared to last year, according to police. However, there were fewer alleged aggravated drug offences than last year.

Weapons found in house searches

During the surveillance period, police conducted 125 home searches.

Police inspector Teemu Saukoniemi said house searches are a typical method used in investigating drug-related crimes as they often lead to the discovery of clues or additional substances.

The searches also revealed potentially more serious crimes, as 14 weapons were seized in the raid. Officials also detected apparent cases of drunk driving, violence and property crimes.

According to Saukoniemi, the raid did not reveal any major surprises.

"The results were the same as in previous years. We know from other sources that these substances are used all over Finland."

All police departments all around the country participated in the two-week surveillance exercise.

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