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Finland launches data security guarantee label

A Traficom survey suggests that 50 percent of Finnish residents are concerned about their devices' information security.

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The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has launched a new data security certification label for phones and other 'smart' devices. The agency said in a statement that the symbol, which will be affixed to certified devices, will help consumers make safer purchases for use at home.

The certification symbol, which was launched on Tuesday, serves as a guarantee to consumers that a phone or other device’s basic information security features are in order, Traficom said. The label will be awarded to networked smart devices that pass the certification process.

"The security of devices currently on the market varies and so far it there has been no easy way for consumers to distinguish between secure and unprotected devices. The data security symbol satisfies this need and makes the purchasing decision easier. It will make it easy for consumers to recognise a device that is safe enough," Traficom cyber security unit director Jarkko Saarimäki said in the statement.

Three devices certified

With the proliferation of smart homes, more devices are being connected to the internet with their data relayed to different services. Because devices are also constantly collecting data about their users, it is even more crucial to ensure that the information they gather is secure, Traficom noted.

When homeowners add devices to the network – for example smart televisions, smartphones and toys – any data they gather must be secured to avoid data leaks or misuse or even to prevent devices being taken over by external parties.

In autumn 2019 Traficom conducted a survey of consumer attitudes to smart device purchases and use as well as their aspirations. One central finding of the survey was that every other respondent claimed to be concerned about data security in smart devices.

Additionally, one in three said that it was extremely important to have access to easily-understood information about devices’ security.

The data security guarantee symbol was developed in Finland toward the end of 2018.

The label has so far been granted to the Cozify Hub for managing smart home devices, teleoperator DNA’s Wattinen smart heating service for flats and sports and fitness tracker firm Polar’s Electron Ignite fitness smart watch.

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