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Taxis to display fares on vehicles from February

Traficom said the new rules will ensure fares are clearer and easier to understand.

Keltainen taksikyltti taksin katolla.
The deregulation of the taxi trade brought many changes to the industry. Image: Petteri Bülow / Yle
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Taxi fares will have to be clearly displayed on the outside of vehicles before passengers enter them, according to new regulations that took effect from 1 February.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom said that the regulation will ensure that fares are clearer and easier to understand before a journey begins.

The new rules affect taxi services that have not been pre-ordered – that is to say taxis that are available to hire at taxi stands, for example. It does not affect pre-ordered taxis or services supplied as part of a service contract.

Taxis with the black and yellow sign must have their prices marked on the outside of the vehicle on the right side. The size, appearance and symbols to be used have all been precisely defined in the regulation.

In July 2018 new legislation opening up competition in the taxi trade came into force in Finland. The new rules also allowed providers to adopt surge pricing for example, meaning that they could hike prices during periods of increased demand. It also sought to give passengers greater discretion in deciding which taxi service to use.

Before the legislative change, taxi fares were based on a set tariff used by all providers.

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