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Finance Minister: More restrictions on movement likely, possibly Monday or Tuesday

The Centre Party leader came out in favour of tougher measures to battle the spread of the novel corona virus.

Katri Kulmuni.
Finance Minister Katri Kulmuni pledged more financial aid to businesses, but said some bankruptcies will be unavoidable. Image: Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva
Yle News

Centrist Finance Minister Katri Kulmuni told Yle on Monday that more restrictions on movement will probably be imposed in Finland.

"Yes, it's certain that further measures will be coming already today or tomorrow," Kulmuni stated in response to a question about closing regional borders.

She added that it is possible that nightclubs and bars will also be ordered to close their doors.

"The Centre Party's parliamentary group is quite prepared to roll out the most stringent measures in order to get through this crisis," said Kulmuni, who is the Centre Party chair.

Kulmuni went on to say that people have no reason to travel around the country or to attend mass events, "It's important that people don't carry the virus around Finland."

Bankruptcies unavoidable

The government has pledged financial aid to enterprises aimed at avoiding bankruptcies. The Finance Minister conceded, however, that some bankruptcies will happen.

She appealed for flexibility in the economy, calling on landlords in particular to make concessions to businesses in the current situation. The government at present is unable to order landlords to ease or delay rental payments without special legislation empowering it to do so.

Kulmuni promised that businesses will receive direct support in addition to the state-backed guarantees already announced as part of a crisis package. She mentioned in particular that creative sectors and travel businesses will be eligible for financial aid.

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