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Monday's papers: Are kids contagious? Support for gov't measures, and tax return time

Monday's press looks at whether or not children are transmitters of novel coronavirus.

Tyhjä luokkahuone Vesilahden yhtenäiskoulussa.
Opinions are divided on whether or not children transmit coronavirus as much as adults. Image: Miikka Varila / Yle
Yle News

Main Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat (HS) leads with a story looking at whether or not children are contagious when it comes to coronavirus, citing fresh German research and Finnish expertise.

With the government’s decision to reopen schools on May 14, writes HS, one of the foundations for the decision was that children and youth are not thought to be significant coronavirus spreaders. For example, a recently released paper from the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) has suggested that children appear to be less contagious than adults.

However, a leading group of German researchers led by virologist Christian Drosten warned at the end of last week that children may be just as effective spreaders of the coronavirus as adults and that re-opening schools and daycares could increase the spread of the virus, HS writes

"The effect of children is not zero," said Olli Vapalahti, a professor of virology at the University of Helsinki, commenting on the German research. He told HS that the new research by the German laboratory indicates that children are a potential route for spreading the coronavirus.

"The German research indicates that children are carriers to the same extent as adults," Vapalahti said.

Poll shows support for government

Maaseudun Tulevaisuus (MT), the agricultural thrice-weekly newspaper, reports that support for the government’s coronavirus measures is strong.

A poll carried out by Kantar TNS Agri for MT indicates support for the government’s coronavirus measures almost across the board.

Seventy-three percent of poll respondents in April answered that they felt Marin's government had been successful in handling the coronavirus crisis.

Only among Finns Party supporters – 50 percent – were the measures held to have been unsuccessful. Of Finns Party supporters, 42 percent felt that the government’s measures had succeeded.

Strong support for Sanna Marin (Social Democrats) and her coalition government came from Social Democrat, Left Alliance, and Green Party supporters.

The poll was carried out at the end of April. There were 1,100 respondents. The margin of error wss 3 percent.

Tax return time

Tabloid lltalehti reminds readers that it's time to check tax return information. The pre-filled tax returns mailed to homes need to be checked during the month of May. If they are correct, nothing needs to be done.

If, however, the pre-filled tax return contains incorrect information, changes need to be made and filed accordingly.

Five million wage earners and pensioners in Finland have received pre-filed tax returns during March and April.

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