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Filing your return? Most grants not subject to tax

On some pre-filled 2019 tax returns, grants are marked as taxable income even though they may not be.

Grants awarded for artistic and other endeavours are often tax-free. Image: Mika Hokkanen / Yle
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On this year's pre-filled tax returns, some private grants are showing up as taxable income, even though in many cases they are not.

On its website, the Finnish Tax Administration says that grants are not taxable unless they total more than 20,728.44 euros after deductions for the year 2019.

Looming filing deadlines

Grants can be either tax-free or taxable depending on whom they are from. Some examples of tax-free grants awarded for artistic or other endeavours are those offered by the state, a municipality, or the Finnish Academy (Suomen Akateemia).

Further information in English regarding taxation of grants and scholarships is available on the Tax Authority's website here.

The first round of pre-filled tax returns are to be returned on May 5 for those marked with that return date.

Pre-filled tax returns only need to be altered if there are any additions or changes.

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