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25,000 youngsters pass corona-clouded exams, get white caps

Each year thousands of pupils graduate from high school, and their names are published in media nationwide.

Nuori mies ylioppilaslakki päässä.
Those graduating from Upper Secondary School in Finland traditionally receive a white cap. Image: Derrick Frilund / Yle
Yle News

This year around 25,100 pupils graduated from upper secondary schools in Finland, following a spring dominated by compressed exam timetables because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Some matriculating pupils will be able to undertake resits free of charge, if their schedule was changed in such a way that they had several exams in a single week because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some 43,000 candidates sat exams at around 400 high schools and institutions across Finland, according to the Matriculation Examination Board, which is an increase of 3,000 on 2019.

That number includes those who sat exams for the first time and those who were completing their studies or resitting previously-taken exams.

The top score for the matriculation exams this year was 76, which was attained by one student from Tampere.

You can check the names of graduating students at Yle's matriculation service (in Finnish).

Sources: Yle

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