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In pictures: Bars, restaurants in Finland reopen after two months

See how people in Finland are returning to once-simple pleasures as coronavirus restrictions are relaxed.

Asiakkaita Pub Keitaan terassilla
Harri Rantatalo and his friends on the terrace of Pub Keitaa in Pori on Monday afternoon. Image: Rami Koivula / Yle
Mark Odom

Many people across the country were drawn to establishments following the easing of restrictions on restaurants, cafes and bars on Monday.

Eateries and pubs have been closed due to the emergency measures since the beginning of April, nearly two months ago. Establishments were allowed to offer take-out service, but sitting inside a restaurant has been off limits.

Teija Hyry from the Lapland town of Kemi, said she had to take the opportunity to take her boys Jere and Juuso Huhtala for a restaurant treat on Monday.

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Ihmisiä kesäterassilla juomassa kavhia ja syömässä pannaria, takana jonotetaan tiskille.
Teija Hyry and her sons Jere and Juuso Huhtala spent the first day of summer break with coffee and pancakes at the Satamakaffila Nuottaterrace cafe in Kemi, on the Bothnian Bay in Lapland. Image: Kimmo Hiltula / Yle
Miehiä istumassa terassipöydässä Rovaniemellä, taustalla tulviva Kemijoki.
Men sit on a terrace by the Kemijoki river in Lapland's Rovaniemi. Image: Raimo Torikka / Yle
Alina Diaz ja Enni Helenius Riihimäellä Juomahuone Laitisen terassilla kahvilla.
Alina Diaz (left) and Enni Helenius drank coffee at the Juomahuone Laitinen bar in Riihimäki. Image: Tiina Kokko / Yle
Oulun torilla ihmisiä terassilla
As of Monday afternoon, there were no reported problems with people observing social distancing measures at an Oulu terrace. Image: Marko Väänänen / Yle

In an effort to maintain social distancing, only half the normal number of customers are allowed inside restaurants at any given time. But there are no such restrictions regarding outdoor terraces.

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Savonlinnan torikahvilat
A number of cafes opened for business at the Savonlinna market square on Monday at noon. Image: Kati Rantala / Yle
Lounasruokailijoita Seinäjoen Holy Smoke -ravintolan terassilla.
There was no lunchtime congestion at this restaurant terrace in Seinäjoki. Image: Tuomo Mäenpää / Yle
Ravintola Urbanin terassi, Kuopio
Customers at Ravintola Urban in Kuopio sipped drinks at a proper distance from each other. Image: Sami Takkinen / Yle
Julia Karhiniemi baaritiskin takana
By the time Pub Keidas in Pori opened at 9am, there was already a queue of customers at the door. Barkeep Julia Karhiniemi said she spent her shift running between the bar and the terrace. Image: Rami Koivula / Yle
Kokkolan Espresso Housen työntekijä ojentaa kaksi take away -kahvia tiskille.
Monday was busy at the Espresso House coffee shop in Kokkola, western Finland. Image: Juha Kemppainen / Yle

The relaxation of coronavirus-related restrictions on Monday included allowing groups of up to 50 people to gather. The previous limit was groups of up to 10 individuals.

The country's public swimming pools also opened for business on Monday.

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Kaksi nuorta naista maauimalan altaassa.
Salla Laukkanen and Silja Rönkä headed to an indoor swimming pool in Lahti on Monday morning. Image: Petri Niemi / Yle
Poika hyppää ponnahduslaudalta uima-altaaseen.
Kalle-Elias Kilpeläinen jumps off a diving board in Tampere. Image: Petri Lassheikki / Yle

The government is scheduled to further discuss the country's coronavirus restrictions policy during the third week of June, ahead of the Midsummer holiday weekend.

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