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Finns Party MP ejected from parliamentary group starts own one-man group

The MP was kicked out of the parliamentary group over a tweet mocking George Floyd, who was killed by police in the US.

Kuvassa on kansanedustaja Ano Turtiainen.
Finns Party MP Ano Turtiainen. Image: Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva
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MP Ano Turtiainen, who last week was expelled from the right wing Finns Party's parliamentary group following a fallout over his posting of a series of racist social media posts, has established his own one-man parliamentary group, the politician announced in a statement issued Tuesday.

He said the name of the new group is the "Parliamentary Group [of] Ano Turtiainen."

"According to group rules, the purpose of this parliamentary group's activities is to act in parliament in the interest of Finland and Finns and the expression of freedom of speech," Turtiainen said in the release.

Last week, Turtiainen was kicked out of the Finns Party's parliamentary group over a tweet he made mocking George Floyd, who was choked to death by a police officer in the US city of Minneapolis.

The Finns Party's parliamentary group chair, Ville Tavio, said last week Turtiainen was ejected from the delegation due to repeated inappropriate comments on social media. However, he added that Turtiainen "can apply for re-admission to the group next year if he has permanently mended his ways.”

Being the sole member of his new parliamentary group, Turtiainen said he will also serve as the group's chair. Meanwhile, former MP James Hirvisaari will serve as his group's secretary, Turtiainen said.

In 2013, the governing council of the Finns Party expelled Hirvisaari following his admission that he took a photo of a friend posing in a Nazi salute at the Parliament – and later posted it online.

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