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Coming soon: Finland's biggest cinema chain resumes screenings in late June

Movie theatres around Finland have been closed since mid-March due to coronavirus restrictions.

kaksi lasta katsoo elokuvaa teatterissa
The chain's summer reopening will feature both old and new films. Image: AOP
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Finland's biggest movie theatre chain, Finnkino, plans to gradually reopen cinemas around the country starting on 24 June.

Movie theatres have been shut down since mid-March due to government restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

Finnkino said the first theatres to be open will be in Helsinki and Turku, while others will open in stages during July.

The firm said the chain's operators will pay close attention to hygiene and providing safe distancing measures both in and out of the theatre halls. There will be limited numbers of tickets available for movie screenings, because audience groups will be separated from each other with two empty seats, according to the company.

Movie-goers are being advised to buy their tickets online to minimise contact with other customers at the cinema. Screenings will be staggered to avoid large numbers of queues and the ticket-checking process will be contactless, according to the firm.

The summer reopening will offer movie-goers both old and new films, according to Finnkino sales director Hannele Wolf-Mannila.

"Our theatres will continue showing movies that premiered at the beginning of the year, as well as feature special screenings of favourite films," she said in a statement.

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