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Hell's Angels attempted smuggling nearly 100kg of amphetamines to Finland, police say

As the suspects were apprehended, 9kg of hash, 38kg of explosives as well as firearms were seized, authorities said.

Poliisin videolla epäilty on vastaanottamassa huumausaineiksi olettamiaan paketteja henkilöautosta Vantaalla 4. maaliskuuta 2020.
After seizing the drugs, police replaced the packages with another substance. A screenshot from a police video showed a suspect in Vantaa, Finland receiving packages which he believed contained the drugs. Image taken by police on March 4, 2020. Image: Poliisi
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The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) suspects two Finnish men of attempting to import 96kg of amphetamines into Finland, the agency announced on Tuesday.

The amphetamines smuggling scheme was uncovered during a preliminary investigation into operations of the Hell's Angels criminal gang, according to the agency.

The NBI said that at the beginning of March, Dutch police stopped a car near the German border in the village of Nieuweschans. Police discovered that the car was carrying 86kg of the illicit stimulant and then arrested the passengers. An additional cache of 10kg of amphetamines was later found in a storage facility, according to police.

Authorities suspect that the car was on its way to Finland because a phone that was seized contained information which linked the suspected recipient of the drug shipment to the Nordic country.

Aggravated drug offence suspicions

The preliminary investigation by Finnish authorities was a part of a broader probe by Dutch police, dubbed Operation Vidar - which police in Finland called an "extensive effort" into amphetamine smuggling by Hell's Angels to the UK, Finland and other countries. Several other individuals in the Netherlands are suspected of crimes, some of whom belong to the Hell's Angels or another criminal group, the Red Devils.

Police believe that the intended recipient of the drugs is a member of the Finnish Hell's Angels and about 44 years of age. Meanwhile, his accomplice is about 36 years old, according to NBI Detective Chief Inspector Kimmo Sainio.

The pair are suspected of two counts of aggravated narcotics offences, and explosive offence and an aggravated firearms offence. As they were apprehended, police also seized 9kg of hash, 38kg of explosives and a "significant number of firearms, firearm parts and ammunitions," according to a police statement issued Tuesday.

Apart from the two Finnish suspects, a third man was apprehended in Finland, and according to authorities he is also a member of the Hell's Angels and around 49 years old. He is suspected of one count of aggravated money laundering and an aggravated narcotics offence. Police said the third man was surrendered to Dutch authorities and consideration of his charges will be carried out in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, the criminal probe regarding the two other suspects "will be referred to the consideration of charges to the Prosecution District of Southern Finland in early July," police said.

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