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Four dead in black Saturday on Finland's roads

Fatalities occurred in Tuusula, Heinola, Karkkila and Kangasniemi.

Liikenneonnettomuuden tapahtumapaikka Tuusulassa Maisalantien varrella.
A car veered off this road in Tuusula on Saturday, causing an accident that claimed the life of a woman in her early twenties. Image: Mikko Stig / Lehtikuva
Egan Richardson

Finland suffered a tragic Saturday on the roads, with four people dead in traffic accidents according to police reports from across the country.

A woman in her early twenties died in the morning in Tuusula, and three men in the same car were seriously injured.

Their car had veered off the road into the Tuusulanjoki river after attempting a risky overtaking manoeuvre. Two people were pulled out of the water by bystanders, but one of the car's occupants died on the scene.

In Heinola one person died in a collision between a car and a lorry early on Saturday morning.

In Karkkila a motorcyclist died at a junction when two motorcycles collided with a car. The second rider survived without serious injuries.

In the afternoon, a man died in a traffic accident in Kangasniemi, South Savo after he veered off the road and drove into a tree. His passenger suffered serious injuries.

This year looks like it may be at least as bad for road fatalities as 2019. Juha Valtonen of the Finnish Road Safety Council told Yle in July that the goal for this year was 136 fatalities or fewer on the nation's roads.

That number now looks set to be reached in August, according to Valtonen.

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