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1.9 million people get tax refunds today. Here's why you might not have one

Check the status of your tax refunds on the MyTax online service.

Those who did not receive tax refunds today will receive them between September and December. Image: Jouni Immonen / Yle
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On Tuesday some 1.9 million people received their annual tax refunds from Finland’s Tax Administration. Those who did not receive their refunds will receive them between September and December.

The refund date depends on when each taxpayer's taxation period ended. Some taxpayers are still awaiting a new tax ruling that is due end of October, which will delay any refund.

Why did I not receive a refund?

If you didn’t receive a refund, you can check your status using the MyTax (Omavero in Finnish) online system. For instance, you may be missing a refund if the right bank account number has not been reported to the tax authorities or if the recipient of the refund has a debt in foreclosure.

A tax refund is also not paid if the money is used to clear an individual's unpaid taxes.

The payment date can also change if the pre-filled tax return has been completed or corrected right before the deadline. Information on the new date will be available as a fresh tax decision in the MyTax service.

A spouse updating his or her own tax return can also affect the payment date — spouses share the same taxation period, so their refund dates are the same.

You might also miss out if your tax refund is small: if it's less than 10 euros, it will not be paid at all.

A tax refund may also not be paid if the tax return has not been filed or if there are significant gaps in information during filing. The refund will be paid once this is rectified.

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