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Finnish Neo-Nazi group's appeal rejected, ban on organisation confirmed

The Nordic Resistance Movement is involved in violent and criminal activities. 

Pohjoismaisen vastarintaliikkeen marssi Helsingissä itsenäisyyspäivänä 2017.
The group marched through the streets of Helsinki several times in recent years. Image: Dan Granqvist / Yle
Yle News

The Supreme Court has upheld on appeal a decision to ban the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (Finnish acronym PVL) in Finland.

The National Police Board had originally asked for the organisation to be banned, and that prohibition has now been upheld by the highest court in the land after several rounds of appeals.

Hate speech against foreigners and Jews, along with use of violence, were key justifications for banning the group, which was found to operate in violation of the law and accepted principles of morality.

The organisation has denied the Police Board's claims and said it operates within the bounds of freedom of speech.

Turku Appeals Court had ruled in 2018 that the group should be shut down for the general good of society, because of its violent acts and militia-like structure.

Members of the far-right group have been convicted of numerous acts of violence, including the 2016 death of a man who was assaulted by PVL members outside Helsinki Central station.

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