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Helsinki police suspect three teenagers of boy’s murder

The 16-year-old victim's body was discovered by builders near a construction site on Monday morning.

Koskelaa Helsingissä.
The victim's body was found on a lawned area behind a construction site in the Koskela area of the city. Image: Elina Hiltunen / Yle
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Helsinki police suspect three 16-year-old males of murder after the body of another 16-year-old boy was found in the Koskela district of the city.

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, police said they believed the victim was murdered at some point during the evening of Friday 4 December but his body was not discovered until the morning of Monday 7 December.

"According to our information, the body was not concealed in any way. I will not at this stage take a position on whether the body was moved after the act," detective inspector Marko Forss said, adding that the victim and the suspects were known to each other.

Police arrested the three teenagers on Monday after a parent of at least one of the suspects contacted police.

The victim’s naked body was discovered at 8am on Monday morning by builders in an area near Koskela Hospital where apartment buildings are currently under construction.

"Brutal and cruel"

Police said the attack was brutal and cruel, and that all three suspects are believed to have committed at least some form of violence against the victim.

"The victim was subjected to severe and prolonged violence inflicted on various parts of the body, which we consider to be particularly brutal and cruel. The police are not willing to go into any more detail at this stage, as the preliminary probe and investigation of the events are just beginning," Forss said.

Police were also unwilling to say at what point the victim died at this point in the investigation.

"All three suspects left at the same time and the victim remained at the scene. Presumably they must have been aware of the victim’s condition," Forss said, adding all three suspects were born in 2004 and they are all believed to be of Finnish background.

No apparent motive

According to police, the teenagers were celebrating the birthday of one of the suspects, and they had all consumed alcohol.

"There is currently no known motive for this act. We’ve talked to the boys and their parents, but there’s no information yet as to why this happened," Forss said.

The initial probe into the incident has found that a woman who happened to be at or near the scene on Friday evening shouted something at the suspects at some point.

The police have asked this woman, or anyone with any information, to contact Helsinki police either by email at or by calling 029 547 1200 during office hours.

Sources: Yle

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