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Poll: Finns among most disappointed with EU

One third of respondents in Finland said they had a diminished opinion of the EU, but they still regarded EU membership as a good thing. 

The EU parliament commissioned a poll that showed Finns were not as keen on the EU as people in other member states. Image: Stella Pictures
Yle News

Some 60 percent of Finnish respondents to a recent continent-wide poll said they thought the EU was going in the wrong direction.

This was the highest number among all member states of the EU, just ahead of responses recorded in Greece, Spain and France.

People in Ireland were the most positive about the direction of the EU.

The poll, which was commissioned by the European Parliament, asked around a thousand people in Finland for their views on the EU, along with similar samples in the other 26 EU countries.

Answers to the survey could have been influenced by Brexit, during which the EU strongly supported Irish interests, the joint debt taken on to stimulate economies after the pandemic, and stricter climate targets.

Some 32 percent of respondents in Finland said their impression of the EU had grown more negative in recent years. Just six percent said it had improved.

Even so, Finns said they regarded EU membership as a good thing. Some 69 percent said that Finland had benefited from membership overall, while 30 percent said that membership had not been useful.

Some 45 percent of Finnish respondents said they felt their voice was heard in EU decision-making, with 55 percent saying they were not heard.

That's much lower than fellow Nordic country Denmark, where 70 percent of respondents said they felt their voice was heard.

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