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Valmet Automotive recruiting 1,000 new workers for Salo and Uusikaupunki plants

The company is looking for production and salaried personnel for its car and vehicle battery manufacturing facilities.

Valmet Automotiven akkutehdas Salossa.
Valmet Automotive's battery plant in Salo. Archive image. Image: Valmet Automotive
Yle News

Valmet Automotive announced on Tuesday that it has launched a recruitment campaign for 1,000 production and salaried employees in Finland. New personnel are being recruited for the company's Uusikaupunki and Salo sites.

Some 700 new employees are being sought for the plant in Uusikaupunki and 300 in Salo.

Tomi Salo, HR Director of Valmet Automotive, says that recruitment is being driven by strong and rapid growth in demand for vehicles and battery systems.

"In addition, the recruitment is related to the expansion of the Salo battery plant and a new battery plant starting up in Uusikaupunki," he told Yle.

The new battery production facility in Uusikaupunki is scheduled to start operations at the end of this year.

Valmet says that additional personnel are needed for all sections of production in vehicle manufacturing. In battery manufacturing at Salo and Uusikaupunki, positions are open to battery builders, logistics workers and quality operators. In addition, dozens of employees are being recruited for product development, testing and business support tasks.

The company's last major recruitment campaign was last autumn when 400 new employees were hired in Uusikaupunki.

From layoffs to quick hires

As recently as early 2020, Valmet Automotive was laying off personnel. However, according to HR Director Tomi Salo, the company has bounced back quickly from the downswing caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

"Because of the coronavirus crisis, we had to cut back production. We quickly recovered last summer and by the autumn production volumes were on the rise, and have been on the rise ever since," Salo explained.

All positions announced on Tuesday are for permanent employment at Valmet Automotive, and the company will provide training for new employees.

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