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APN election edition: Sari Essayah

All Points North asks the leader of the Christian Democrats how her party's values interact with local politics.

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Finland legalised gay marriage four years ago. But the Christian Democrat Party, a staunch opponent of same-sex unions, still states on its website that "a same-sex registered relationship must not be considered equal to a marriage."

Local councils are responsible for providing education, which is why the All Points North podcast asked Christian Democrat leader Sari Essayah if schools in her North Savo community would consider providing material reflecting LGBT families to help combat bullying and promote inclusion.

"Everyone should be respected," she said, but did not elaborate further.

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Essayah defended Finland's practice of separating school pupils by religion for religious education classes.

"When you know your own religious background it's easier to understand and also respect others' views," she said.

Essayah said she was in favour of seeing more charging stations for electric vehicles but didn't believe municipalities should be tasked with providing them.

The Christian Democrat leader also criticised the government's Covid response, noting that the "borders have been leaking all the time."

She also said it didn't make sense for the administration to blame sluggish Covid responses on the decentralised nature of government, "we have this kind of structure in our administration and every government should know that."

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This week's show was presented by Egan Richardson and Zena Iovino. It wasproduced by Mark B. Odom while the audio engineer was Joonatan Kotila.

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