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Tampere tramway ahead of schedule and under budget

The first lines of Tampere's tram system will start serving passengers this summer.

Tampereen ratikka pysähdyksissä Taysin pysäkillä Nyt tarkkana-merkin takana.
Trams on test drives have become a common sight in some parts of Tampere. Image: Miikka Varila / Yle
Yle News

The first phase of the Tampere Tramway project is now expected to be completed ahead of schedule and start carrying passengers on 9 August – and at 30 million euros below budget.

Now in its fifth year of construction work, testing of system began in March in the Tampere University Hospital area in Kaleva and between Insinöörinkatu and Makkarajärvenkatu in the Hervanta district of the city.

In August, the tram lines Hervanta - Pyynikintori and Kauppi Kampus - Sorin Square will open to transport the public.

"According to the cost forecast, we will be under the target set for the project by approximately 30 million euros," says Sari Valjus, Project Manager of the Tram Alliance building and implementing the project.

The current target, for the first phase of the Tampere Tramway is just under 300 million euros.

Choosing a voice

The Tampere tramway will be built in two phases. A second section between Pyynikintori and Santalahti should be completed and opened to traffic in 2023. Final plans for an extension from Santalahti to Lentävänniemi is awaiting a decision by the Supreme Administrative Court a landfill permit.

The Tampere Tramway is being constructed and implemented according to an alliance model of designers and builders. The partners in the Tramway Alliance are the City of Tampere, VR Track Oy, YIT Rakennus Oy, and Pöyry Finland Oy. If the project wraps up under budget, the leftover funding will be split by alliance members, including partial reimbursement to the city.

A competition to choose "the voice of Tampere Tramway" is currently underway until Monday 24 April with the public selecting the announcer to record the automated announcements passengers will hear on board the city's trams.

Recordings of the three voices in the running can be heard on the Tampere Tramway website (in Finnish) where the public can vote for their favourite.

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