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Kela warns customers of phishing scam

Scam emails claim the recipient is due an extra payment but must fill out a refund form, which requests banking information.

Henkilö tutkii kelan nettisivuja.
Kela reminded customers that it never asks for sensitive information, such as credit card or banking details, to be provided via email or text message. Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle
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Finland's benefits administrator has warned customers to be on the lookout for scam messages that suggest the customer is being reimbursed for an unpaid benefit.

The recipient of the email is instructed to complete a refund form in order to receive the payment. The email is written in Finnish, with a link directing the recipient to log in to a phishing site. The scammers are attempting to capture victims' online banking IDs.

The authority advised customers who receive such an email that they should not click on any links, enter any information or even reply to the email.

If any customer suspects that their credit card information or banking information has fallen into the wrong hands, they should contact the bank immediately. Guidance is also available from the page.

Kela added that it never asks customers for sensitive information, such as bank IDs or credit card information, by either email or text message. Customers can send a message to Kela via the OmaKela service.

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