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Watch: Thunderstorm slams Oulu on Monday

The storm brought trees down onto cars and driveways of homes, caused water and property damage to buildings in the city centre.

Myrskytuhoja Oulussa

An unusually severe thunderstorm tore through the city of Oulu on Monday afternoon, causing widespread damage and flooding.

The storm, which started hammering the west coast city with heavy rain and strong winds around 2:30pm, brought down trees and flooded several shops in the downtown area.

As of around 5:00pm, local rescue services had received a total of about 100 calls for assistance.

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The storm began around 2:30 Monday afternoon, by 5pm, rescue services had fielded around 100 calls for assistance. Image: Saara Kärki

Two of those emergency calls involved people being trapped beneath fallen trees, according to authorities who said that first aid had been administered.

However, details about the seriousness of the victims' injuries were not available.

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Monday's deluge significantly raised water levels at Oulu's city park. Image: Paulus Markkula / Yle

Trees were downed by hard wind gusts in Neighborhoods including Raati, Toivoniemi, Hupisaari and Hiukkavaara.

Wind speeds exceeding 30 m/s were measured on the island of Vihreäsaari during the storm.

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