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Tampere reverses controversial free travel decision

The city's public transport committee rowed back on a proposal that would have eliminated free trips for pram-pushers and wheelchair users.

Jalankulkija ja raitiovaunu Tampereen Hämeenkadulla kesäkuussa 2021
Tampere's trams will officially begin to operate from August. Trial runs began on 10 May. Image: Matias Väänänen / Yle
Yle News

In a reversal of a previous controversial decision, the City of Tampere has announced that parents with young children in prams can continue to ride the city's trams and buses for free.

The original decision was met with a barrage of criticism, especially on social media.

Tampere's Public Transport Committee amended the draft decision at a meeting on Wednesday, during which the committee ruled that the journeys of passengers travelling with walkers should also be free of charge, on the grounds of equality.

In addition to passengers with pushchairs, children under the age of seven (that are accompanied by a paying passenger), war veterans and disabled persons' assistants that are in possession of an official EU disability card are also entitled to free travel.

The ticketing changes will take effect from 9 August on public transport operated by regional authority Nysse.

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