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Fully vaccinated patients at Helsinki care home diagnosed with coronavirus

The majority of the infected residents are elderly and have serious underlying health conditions.

Vanhus kävelee rollaattorin kanssa kaltevaa käytävää Myyrmäen vanhustenkeskuksessa, Vantaalla.
Roughly half of the infections have been diganosed in residents at the care home and the rest among members of staff. Image: Eleni Paspatis / Yle
Yle News

Some 14 coronavirus infections have been diagnosed at the Hopeatie care home in Lassila, Helsinki, with around half of the infections found in residents and the remainder among members of staff.

The average age of Hopeatie's residents is around 86 years with many suffering from serious underlying health conditions.

"It is important to remember that the residents of the care home are already very sick. It is therefore much easier for them to catch coronavirus or any other disease," Director of the Western Service Area, Maarit Rautio told Yle.

The majority of the infected residents had received both doses of a coronavirus vaccine, Rautio added, and most only developed very mild symptoms. Two of the residents have experienced more severe symptoms, with one of them taken to hospital earlier this week.

"All of those exposed or displaying symptoms have taken a Covid test, but we are also testing every resident and employee today [Wednesday], just to be sure," Rautio said.

The care home is currently in lockdown, meaning that no new residents are being admitted or transferred and no visitors are allowed.

The infected staff and residents have also been placed in quarantine.

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