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Christian Democrats want free contraception for under-25s

A quarter of municipalities in Finland offer young people free contraception.

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Studies have indicated that providing free birth control reduces unplanned pregnancies. Image: Paula Collin / Yle
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The Christian Democrats' (CD) party congress on Saturday outlined its support for free contraceptives for everyone in Finland under the age of 25.

The party's youth wing had put forward the proposal, arguing that free contraceptives would reduce the number of abortions in Finland. The group pointed to Norway, where free contraception has lowered termination rates.

Party members favoured the proposal by a clear majority, though the issue sparked a lively debate.

The results of an extensive study this spring found that Finland's abortion rate among young women and girls has decreased over the past two decades.

Previous studies have produced similar results: in Vantaa, for example, a free contraceptive trial reduced the number of abortions among 15–19 year-olds by as much as 36 percent.

The availability of contraception to young people is also on the current government's programme for office, which set out plans for a nationwide trial providing free contraception to people under the age of 25.

Other proposals put forward by the youth wing—seeking Nato membership and increasing Finland's refugee quota to 5,000 individuals—did not attract party support.

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