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APN podcast: Who's spying on Finland?

This week's show delves into the world of cyber espionage, facial recognition and shadowy parts of the internet.

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The Finnish Security and Intelligence Service (Supo) recently reported that Finland is a continuous target of state-sponsored cyber espionage.

"We see that Russia and China are the most active actors in that space," Veli-Pekka Kivimäki, an intelligence researcher at Supo told APN, adding that ransomware attacks are a growing concern from a national security standpoint.

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APN also looks at controversial facial recognition software called Clearview AI that's been in the news again after the Data Protection Ombudsman rapped the police board for law enforcement's improper use of the app. APN talks to Finland's Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman, Jari Råman, to find out what the police did wrong.

A disturbing new Finnish study has meanwhile found that some 40 percent of people who seek out child sex abuse material (CSAM) online have sought direct contact with children after viewing illicit images.

"We really see this causal relationship between viewing the material and actually going and directly abusing and exploiting children," Tegan Insoll of NGO Protect Children explained of the organisation's survey of CSAM users in the dark web.

APN also explores comments and suggestions from listeners, including the trials and tribulations of banking when you're a foreigner, tips for learning Finnish and kids' smartphone usage in Finland compared to other countries.

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This week's show was presented by Zena Iovino and Ronan Browne. The producer was Mark B. Odom and the audio engineer was Juha Sarkkinen.

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