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Travelling abroad? Kids may need Covid passes too

Certificates are generally available from the My Kanta healthcare portal, but not necessarily for all.

Omakanta-palvelusta tulostettu koronatodistus rokotustietoineen.
Travellers should make sure to download the certificate prior to travel. Image: Silja Viitala / Yle
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With Finland's vaccination rollout progressing and the autumn break approaching, authorities have issued a reminder to people planning trips abroad to ensure that they have all the correct documentation in order, based on the requirements of the destination country.

This generally means having a certificate showing that the holder has received two doses of a Covid vaccine, has recovered from the virus or has a recent negative test result.

Adults in Finland can access the EU's digital vaccine "passport" from the healthcare portal My Kanta, and can then choose whether to print out the certificate or display it on the screen of a mobile device.

Anyone who cannot access the online service can request a certificate of vaccination from their local healthcare provider in print.

However, the paper issued at the point of vaccination is not a sufficient document for crossing international borders, as it does not contain personal data.

How to access the EU's digital Covid certificate:

  1. Log in to My Kanta using authentication such as an online banking ID.
  2. From the menu on the left, select Covid-19 Certificate (or Koronatodistus in Finnish). There is also a direct link to the certificate section from the My Kanta home page.
  3. Press the pdf link to open the Covid-19 certificate. It should open in a new tab.
  4. Save the pdf file to your phone or other device. You can also print out a hard copy of the certificate.

Children's Covid vaccination certs

Only some parents or guardians of children in Finland will be able to view their child's Covid certificate in electronic form and print it from the My Kanta portal.

This is because many children aged over 12 have received the vaccine, and the My Kanta services complies with the Finnish law on age limits for patient confidentiality. According to the law, not all health information related to children aged 10 and over is automatically visible to parents and guardians.

"In most situations, the best option is to ask for a child's coronavirus vaccination certificate in writing. Some municipalities have provided an email address through which they can be contacted," Kela's specialist Mari Holmroos advised.

However, she added that different municipalities employ different practices, but each region's precise instructions can be found via the websites maintained by the municipalities or by the regional hospital districts.

As an example, Holmroos cited the City of Helsinki's website, which advises that certificates can be printed out at the vaccination point by showing a personal ID or Kela card.

By contrast, the guidelines in Kuopio are to contact a local health centre to obtain the certificate while residents of North Karelia are advised to request a certificate via an application form or by calling a provided phone number.

In the case of children, if the young person already has a bank ID or mobile certificate, they can use the My Kanta portal themselves.

For privacy reasons, a Covid vaccination certificate cannot be sent to a parent's email either.

However, some parents and guardians may be able to view information about their children over the age of 10, such as information about the coronavirus vaccination.

This is because different health services have, at different rates, introduced the possibility to record health information that the child is willing to share with their parents or guardians.

The Re-open EU website provides up-to-date information on travel instructions and restrictions related to EU Member States.

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