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Uptick seen in Finland's Covid cases

On Monday, Finland reported 1,302 new Covid cases since Friday and the country's case incident rate has also increased.

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Sign pointing towards the entrance of a Covid vaccination facility. Image: Matias Väänänen / Yle
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As of Monday 4 October, there were 6,544 new lab-confirmed coronavirus infections reported in Finland over the past two weeks, which is an increase of 445 compared to the previous two-week period, according to the Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Until very recently, Finland's Covid cases had been steadily decreasing since the end of August.

The number of Covid tests being carried out in Finland has also decreased recently.

Starting in mid-September, authorities began advising fully-vaccinated people with mild symptoms of the illness to not seek out tests.

On Monday Finland reported 1,302 new Covid cases since Friday, according to THL.

The health institute stopped publishing daily case numbers on weekends at the beginning of this month, so Monday's figure included cases from Saturday and Sunday.

Finland has gradually reduced coronavirus-related restrictions as the epidemic situation improved and more people get vaccinated against the illness.

Last week, local restrictions on gathering sizes were dismantled in the capital area, home to the country's largest proportion of Covid cases during the epidemic. As of last Friday, there were no restrictions or caps on crowd sizes recommended by authorities in any part of Finland.

Hospitalisations up

After remaining relatively stable for several weeks, the number of people needing hospital care for Covid-19 rose to 136 people over the weekend, 28 of whom in intensive care wards, according to the institute.

That number, recorded on Monday, represented an overall increase of 14 (and four ICU) patients since Friday.

As of Monday 71.6 percent of residents over the age of 12 had received both doses of a Covid vaccine, according to THL. Meanwhile, 84 percent of residents over the age of 12 had received their first Covid vaccine dose.

Incidence rate highest in Satakunta

Finland's coronavirus infection incidence rate stood at 117.8 cases out of 100,000 inhabitants over the course of two weeks. In the previous two week period the country's incidence rate was 109.8.

The area with the highest incidence rate (201) was recorded in the hospital district of Satakunta, with the second-highest incidence rate of 161 seen in the North Savo hospital district.

The country's lowest incidence rates were in Åland (20) and the North Karelia hospital district (29).

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