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Finland picks 'Compartment No. 6' as Oscar candidate

The Juho Kuosmanen film won the Grand Prix prize at Cannes earlier this year.

Näyttelijät Seidi Haarla ja Juri Borisov elokuvassa Hytti nro 6
Seidi Haarla and Juri Borisov in Compartment No.6. Image: Festival de Cannes
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Finland's Oscar jury has selected Compartment No. 6 as the country's candidate for the best International Feature Film.

The Juho Kuosmanen-directed film stars Seidi Harla and Juri Borisov, and mostly takes place inside a sleeping compartment on a moving train.

Harla's Finnish student meets Borisov, a miner, as the train makes its way to the Arctic.

Every year the Oscar jury, officially known as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), asks every film-producing country to nominate a candidate for the award.

Compartment No. 6 won the Grand Prix award in Cannes earlier this year, and gets a general release in Finnish cinemas on 29 October.

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