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Finland to warn of cyber security threats via 112 app

The app is available in all major app stores. 

The 112 app allows users to contact emergency services. Image: Yle/Katarina Lind
Yle News

Finland is to notify users of the 112 emergency services mobile application about major data security threats and disruptions.

The app enables those who have downloaded it to call for help and automatically transmit their location to first responders. Authorities can also use it to send warnings and information to users.

In the case of cybersecurity disruptions and threats, the National Cyber Security Centre, a unit under the Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, will decide when to send alerts.

According to Traficom, it's important to send alerts about data security disruptions and situations across multiple channels because most people in Finland use electronic services and devices connected to the internet in their everyday life.

"The 112 Suomi app works as a new communications channel for private individuals," said Sauli Pahlman of the Cyber Security Centre. "The mobile phone is an excellent tool for this."

The app currently has some 1.9 million users.

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