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Uusimaa authorities place restrictions on indoor events, large gatherings

Event organisers can however ask attendees to show a Covid pass in order to gain entry as an alternative to complying with the new measures.

Personer dansar med ryggen mot kameran i ett rött ljus i ett dunkelt rum. Personen närmast kameran håller upp sina händer mot taket.
The new measures will come into force from next Thursday, 25 November, and remain in effect until Christmas Eve. Image: Unsplash / Alexander Popov
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The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland (Avi) has announced the reintroduction of restrictions on public events in the Uusimaa region, specifically in so-called 'high-risk' indoor arenas, such as live music venues, that require audiences to stand.

However, if the event organiser does not wish to adhere to the newly-introduced measures, they can restrict entry only to people who can provide a Covid pass.

According to the new regulations, the standing-room areas of indoor venues can permit only 20 people at any one time. There is no restriction on the number of people allowed in seating areas, however, as long as it does not exceed the venue's seating capacity.

In a statement, Avi said the new restriction applies to auditoriums - the space from which audiences can watch a performance, sports game or similar event. The decision will not therefore apply to trade fairs, for example.

The restriction also only applies to the audience attending the event, and not to members of staff or the performers or players.

The new measures will come into force next Thursday, 25 November, and remain in effect until Christmas Eve.

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