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Police: Man confesses to killing his parents in Vantaa

A 37-year-old has been remanded on suspicion of double murder.

Itä-Uudenmaan käräjäoikeus Aviapolis Vantaa
On Wednesday, the District Court of Eastern Uusimaa ordered the man to be formally placed under arrest on suspicion of murdering the retired couple. Image: Pekka Tynell / Yle
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On Wednesday a 37-year-old man was placed under arrest on suspicion of murdering his parents in the city of Vantaa over the weekend. The head of the investigation said that he had confessed to the killings.

The suspect lived with his parents, who were in their 70s, according to police.

The man was apprehended in connection with a car accident on Sunday evening, police said, adding that an eyewitness saw the man drive his vehicle off the road and run into the woods on foot.

The responding police unit noticed from the vehicle's registration number that its owner was possibly related to two homicides in Vantaa, which prompted additional officers to be called to the scene. The man was later apprehended as he was walking along the road.

Case likely to be investigated as manslaughter

Police said on Monday that a motive for the killings was unknown because the suspect had not yet been interviewed.

At that point the investigation was still in the early stages, so specific charges were still under consideration, according to the head of the investigation at the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department, Tero Tyynelä.

On Wednesday he said that there were aspects to the crime that fit the definition of murder.

"All I can say is that a bladed weapon was used in the act. That is linked to the brutality and cruelty of the act, based on which we suspect the man of murder," Tyynelä said.

The suspected homicide came to light when the suspect failed to arrive for a scheduled meeting. The person the suspect was supposed to meet went to his home, where the retired couple was found dead.

24.11: Updated with arrest on suspicion of double murder.

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