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Watch: Reindeer on the run in Helsinki area

Police urged motorists in the capital's Haaga district to be careful.

Helsingin Haagassa on liikkunut perjantaina poro
Helsingin Haagassa on liikkunut perjantaina poro

Police in Helsinki are trying to capture a reindeer roaming around a forested area along Hämeenlinnanväylä in the capital's Haaga district.

"It has apparently been identified as a bona fide reindeer, which probably means it is someone's pet," said Lili Schatz, a communications expert at the Helsinki Police.

In a tweet, police urged motorists to be careful in the area.

Helsinki police are also attempting to discover the owner of the reindeer, as they intend is to return the animal to its owner and not be put down.

"We seem to be dealing with a pretty tame dude," Schatz said.

In a Facebook group for Haaga residents, many reported reindeer sightings and the incident sparked a lot of bewilderment.

About a year ago, a young male reindeer ran off from Nuuksio Reindeer Park. The reason was believed to be a pursuit of female reindeers in heat.

This time, however, the reindeer park said that the reindeer currently making its way through Helsinki is not one of theirs.

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