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Industrial Union board approves tech sector deal, 2% rise in wages

The tech industry deal could serve as a template for collective agreements in other sectors.

Riku Aalto heiluttaa käsiään.
Industrial Union chair Riku Aalto. Image: Pekka Tynell / Yle
Yle News

The board of the Industrial Union has approved the outcome of the collective agreement negotiations for the Finnish tech industry, which includes metal, electronics and IT sectors.

The two sides in the labour dispute reached a deal on Tuesday evening in talks mediated by National Conciliator Vuokko Piekkala.

The board of the employers' group, Technology Industries of Finland, approved the deal on Wednesday.

The acceptance of the terms of the collective agreement for the tech industry means that a threatened strike in the sector has now been averted. The Industrial Union had threatened a large-scale strike if wage increases were not agreed upon. The strike warning issued on 30 December covered more than 40,000 employees in Finland.

The deal will see salaries in the sector increase by 2 percent during 2022. In the past, agreements between the Technology Industries and the Industrial Union have often served a blueprint for deals in other sectors.

Industrial Union chair Riku Aalto told Yle he was satisfied with the agreement.

"The general increase for all employees is of great importance and, in addition, the local tranche will be structured in a way that ensures fair treatment of employees," he said.

"The solution is historic in two ways. Firstly, employees will receive higher pay increases than those in senior positions. Secondly, the solution has been made with a new employers' association, the Technology Industry Employers' Association," Aalto added.

The new collective agreement for the tech industry is valid until 30 November 2023, but it can be terminated by 30 November 2022 if the parties cannot reach an agreement on the 2023 wage settlement before then.

Some 90,000 industrial workers currently work under the terms of the technology industry agreement.

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