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Union: UPM strike to continue into March

The strike has lasted for five weeks and could go on for three more.

Paperitehtaan voimalaitos ulkoa.
A UPM plant at Jämsänkoski, Central Finland Image: Petri Aaltonen / Yle
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The Paperworker's Union announced on Friday that UPM plant workers will continue their strike till 12 March if they do not reach a deal with the company over a new collective agreement before then.

The strike began on 1 January, 2022. The union has been in negotiations with UPM regarding the details of the agreement, which determines pay and conditions in the paper industry.

Following a ruling from the District Court of Helsinki in January, UPM employees in certain power and water treatment plants were compelled to return to work to prevent the strike from affecting critical services such as district heating.

Paper union ready to negotiate

Traditionally, Finnish labour talks have been sector-wide, with a collective agreement guaranteeing industrial peace between unions and companies.

Representatives from UPM said they would prefer to negotiate unit-by-unit in this instance, as managers claim the businesses differ from each other so vastly that a single collective agreement would not be applicable.

Following a meeting, the Paperworker's Union also announced on Friday that it is willing to negotiate on a unit-by-unit basis with UPM.

The union has already entered into company-specific agreements with other forest industry giants Stora Enso and Metsä Group.

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