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500+ Finnish troops headed to Nato-led drills in Norway

Norway has hosted the military exercises every other year since 2006.

Norjan, Yhdysvaltain, Hollannin ja Iso-Britannian joukot osallistuivat NATO:n sotaharjoitukseen Norjassa 3. maaliskuuta 2016.
Norwegian, US, Dutch and UK troops taking part in Exercise Cold Response 16 near Namsos, Norway (file photo). Image: Master Sgt. Chad McMeen / USMC
Yle News

More than 500 Finnish military personnel are to take part in Cold Response 2022 warfare drills in Norway next month.

Norway has hosted and led the exercises every two years since 2006. The drills aim to train Nato allies and partner nations on "high-intensity cold-weather operations," according to a statement from Nato's Joint Warfare Centre.

According to the Norwegian Armed Forces, around 35,000 troops from nearly 30 countries will take part in the drills, which will also include the use of US and UK aircraft carriers. The military agency said that Cold Response is meant to train ally nations in strengthening Norway's defence capabilities, if needed.

The Finnish participants will mainly be members of the army's preparedness units alongside their Swedish counterparts. Finland and Sweden are the only non-Nato members taking part in the drills. The two Nordic countries are close partners of Nato, but not members.

The exercises are scheduled to start in the middle of March and continue into April.

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