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Fans celebrate hockey gold

Hockey fans around the country are celebrating Finland's Olympic win against Russia.

Fans dressed Havis Amanda in a Finnish Lions jersey on Sunday.
Yle News

Revellers began gathering by the Havis Amanda statue on Helsinki Market Square on Sunday morning shortly after Finland beat Russia 2-1 at the men's Olympic ice hockey final in Beijing.

Helsinki city councillor Pekka Sauri (Green) joined the Helsinki Market Square revellers, but told Yle he was also keeping an eye on the 116-year-old monument, which is regarded as being especially vulnerable to damp, drunken fans clambering all over it.

"I suppose it will hold up, and they haven't climbed on it yet. Maybe people know now to be a little careful," Sauri said.

The statue is a traditional focus for celebration of sporting successes and May Day festivities. The five-metre-tall statue depicts a female figure, which according to sculptor Ville Vallgren, symbolised Helsinki and the city's "emergence from the sea".

Sauri said he expected the partying to continue well into the night.

"Maybe this also represents an end to Covid isolation? People are out and about and in high spirits."

Fans in Tampere marked Finland's hockey victory by jumping in the snow in the city's Central Market Square.

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