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Paper union set to continue strike into April

The Paperworker's Union and forestry firm UPM have been unable to reach agreement on pay and conditions in the paper industry.

Paperiliitto osasto 44 oranssit liivit miehen päällä.
The industrial action began on 1 January. Image: Kare Lehtonen / Yle
Yle News

The Paperworker's Union announced on Thursday that a strike by UPM plant workers will be extended for three more weeks.

This means that, unless there is a breakthrough in collective bargaining negotiations, the industrial action will continue until 6am on 2 April.

The strike began on 1 January 2022, and the union has since been locked in negotiations with UPM about the details of pay and conditions within the paper industry.

Traditionally, Finnish labour talks have been sector-wide, but in this instance UPM representatives want to negotiate unit-by-unit, as they argue the businesses differ from each other so much that a single collective agreement would not be applicable. The Paperworker's Union has refused to continue negotiations on this basis.

In January, Helsinki District Court ordered some UPM employees in certain power and water treatment plants to return to work to prevent the strike from affecting critical services such as district heating.

The union said that they will next meet UPM representatives on Friday 25 February, with Finland's national mediator also expected to attend.

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