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Posti issues apology for losing second Kela document parcel

Benefits agency Kela and postal service Posti have not been able to locate a missing Kela package.

Postin pakettiautomaattiin meneviä pakettaja rullakon pohjalla.
Image: Niko Mannonen / Yle
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A parcel containing the applications and documents of some 40 to 50 Kela customers has gone missing in transit. The incident follows a similar mail mishap involving Kela that was reported in February.

The package of documents sent from the Kela service point in Vihti, some 50km northwest of Helsinki, was en route to Kela's document scanning centre.

The missing parcel contains applications and supporting documents submitted to the Kela service point in Vihti or a mailbox outside the service point on 25-28 February.

The incident prompted Juhani Tanayama, VP of Parcel and E-Commerce Operations at Posti, to issue an apology.

"The disappearance of a parcel is a serious mistake. It is unfortunate that this is now the second incident involving our long-time customer Kela, and we regret the inconvenience caused to Kela's customers and Kela. Together we are looking for ways to prevent similar situations from happening again," Tanayama said in a press release.

The tracking number on the parcel indicates that it was received by Posti. But it hasn't been registered in the Posti tracking system as having been handed over or delivered to the addressee, nor has it arrived at the scanning centre.

Kela and Posti have attempted to trace the parcel but have not made any progress.

In practical terms, losing the package means Kela has not been able to process some people's applications, which can result in disruptions to benefits payments.

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