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Yle launches news in Ukrainian

The public service broadcaster will begin publishing news in Ukrainian as of Wednesday 4 May.

File photo of Yle's newsroom in Pasila. Image: Ilmari Fabritius / Yle
Yle News

Yle is launching news in Ukrainian to help serve that country's refugees arriving in Finland. The text format news, which will be published on weekdays, will focus on top national news as well as stories of particular interest to Ukrainians. Articles will also include practical information on living in Finland.

"We want to support Ukrainians arriving in Finland," Aki Kekäläinen, Yle's head of democracy and digitisation, told Yle News.

The service is based on machine translated stories pulled from Yle's English- and Russian-language services that are then checked and published by a native Ukrainian reporter.

Kekäläinen said the future will see increasing use of artificial intelligence applications.

The Ukrainian news service will initially aim to publish between three to five stories per day.

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This is not the first time Yle has broadened its news offering to cater to minority languages in Finland. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Yle broadcast coronavirus info in Somali, Arabic, Kurdish and Persian.

"At the time it was important that we could offer reliable and up-to-date coronavirus information to people regardless of whether or not they spoke Finnish. Now it's crucial that we provide Ukrainian refugees with the latest news updates from Finland in their own language," said Marko Krapu, who heads Yle's special language news units.

Finland is expecting up to 80,000 refugees to arrive from Ukraine, according to the immigration service's latest estimates.

Yle's Ukrainian-language news site will go live on 4 May at

Apart from Finnish, Swedish and Sámi, Yle currently provides additional content in English, Russian, Finnish Sign Language, Simple Finnish, Roma and Karelian.

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